Orienteering....An Adventure Sport for All

Maps have been used for navigation for thousands of years, providing man with a means the opportunity to document the land

However, in 1897, the Norwegian Armed Forces held the first competitive orienteering competition.  Using just a map and compass, competitors were required to visit a series of checkpoints, with the winner achieving the fastest time.

After over 100 years, the rules remain much the same, but participation has become international with the largest competitions drawing over 10,000 competitors from all over the world.

Events take place in many types of area, from small training events in school fields to the elite competitions deep in Scandinavian Forests. As well as these more rural locations, urban events are now becoming more popular, utilising University Campuses and even the streets of some of worlds most iconic cities.

At any event, multiple courses cater for all abilities of runners, from the White Course, for absolute beginners to Brown and Black courses requiring a thorough understanding of navigation and a high level of fitness.

Although a competitive sport at the top end of results, less athletic or experienced individuals are still able to take part competing for the optimum time they can achieve.

Walking, Jogging, Running? Young or Old?

Orienteering,,,A Sport for All

The Embedded video is produced by British Orienteering and features footage from Local, Regional and National events, in both rural and urban settings.

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